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Printing custom fabric is a timely process with lengthy processing times. Our current turnaround time 16-18 weeks from round closing date. Once fabric is received at Ms. Fits HQ, updates pertaining to fabric arrival, cutting time frame, etc. will be made to the corresponding round's album.

The width of fabric is 57"- 59", however the actual print is approximate on the width, sometimes the print is printed from end to end on the entire width, sometimes they are printed in the middle leaving anywhere from 1/2"-1" of "white space", these edges are the "selvage".


Reporting Issues

Every order is given 15 business days to inspect their order and contact Ms. Fits Fabric with any issues you may have with your order (flaws, missing fabric, etc.) After 15 days, Ms. Fits Fabrics' fabric warranty is void and refunds/replacements will no longer be offer. Again, all issues must be addressed before altering the fabric in any way.

All fabric is shipped through USPS priority mail, and includes tracking information. Tracking will be updated in your PayPal account as well as on your account on the website. Ms. Fits Fabrics offers a variety of fabric bases, these different bases vary in weight and thickness. A priority flat rate envelope (PFRE) can hold 4 yards of cotton/lycra, 6 of Cotton Woven.

Shipping is invoiced once all fabric is received and packaged to ensure you're able to maximize on your shipment space. Please have shipping invoices paid within 48 hours of receipt, a reminder post will be made once all invoices have been sent.

Please email a change of address to msfitsfabrics13@aol.com. It is your responsibility to do this, or change it in your PayPal profile. We will ship to the address associated with your transaction.

When ordering multiple yards of the same print on the same base, in most cases yardage will come continuous. However, there are times that we ourselves do not get the yardage continuous; the printer may run out of fabric to print on therefore yardage is split for example; if you place an order for 3 yards, and the printer has run out by the second yard, and had to restart printing on a new roll, you will get a continuous two yard cut, and your third yard will be in a single yard cut.

Flaws can exist. Unless it is extreme (severe water spots that are extremely visible, sliced images) we will not have any yardage/panels reprint. We will do our best to inspect and make you all aware of any flaws should they exist. Please also be aware that slight fading of fabrics after washing is not a flaw, it is the nature of many fabrics.

No refunds/exchanges are issued for any reason.
However, should there be an extreme flaw, please contact us at msfitsfabrics13@aol.com to discuss the extreme flaw and the possible partial refund depending on the flaw and what we can determine as "useable" yardage/panels.

We will not be held responsible for packages received that are damaged during the shipping process. We are not responsible for lost packages, and cannot be responsible for stolen packages from your own front door/mailboxes/P.O. Boxes.

Scrap packs are just that! End of bolt cuts, cuts from cutting out patterns, strips that are rendered usable, and odd cuts. You are agreeing to a "scrap pieces" pack. There will be no guarantees of sizes, prints, bases, or qty.

We are sorry Layaway is not available.

Sezzle is not available.

Thank you for agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Ms. Fits Team

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