By placing a pre-order you are automatically agreeing to this policy. It is up to you as a member and customer to read the policies and any information related to the pre-order prior to completing your purchase, all sales are final.
By purchase from the pre-order you are accepting that the item/fabric is not currently ready to ship. You are accepting that there is a waiting period up to 14-22 weeks from purchase date.
Refunds will not be made available because you did not understand these terms and feel that the wait has been too long. An average wait time is listed on any and all pre-orders, and while we strive to stay within our turn around time, understand that certain circumstances are out of our hands (holidays, customs delays, etc.) that can extend turn around time. If, and when, these issue occur, we do our best to relay all information available to you.
ALL refunds/exchanges if agreed upon must contain a FULL yard, non altered, non washed. It must be shipped back and received before a refund or an exchange arranged for.  
Custom prints are produced in very large quantities, by industrial printing equipment. This can lead to possible flaws in the fabric. We do our best to ensure that any flaws are caught by our quality control team, but we are all human and there's the possibility that mistakes can be made and flawed fabric gets shipped out to customers. In the event this should happen, Betty will determine if the a full or partial refund will be made available based on whether the fabric is salvageable. We guarantee a 56" print, though the width of fabric (WOF) is a larger area. This gives leeway to any flaws that may occur on the selvage (the edges of the fabric width-wise). Any smudges, holes, tears, defects, etc. within 3 inches of the selvage are not considered flaws and will not be refunded. Washing, cutting, dyeing, or otherwise altering the fabric prior to contacting Ms. Fits about a flaw will void any warranty we offer in regards to flaws, please be sure to check your fabric prior to altering it in any way.
All flaws, and/or missing, orders must be reported to Ms. Fits within 15 days of package arrival.There are no exceptions at all. You are hereby advised of this policy and it is not a surprise. 15 days (including weekends) from arrival to report a flaw. Any and all warranties offered by Ms. Fits Fabrics are void after 16 business days. All reports of flaws, or partially missing orders, must be emailed to the customer service team directly ( with pictures attached of your full order, close up of flaws if applicable, and photos.
CONTINUOUS YARDAGE!!! While we ourselves HOPE for continuous, we don't always get it continuous. We can guaranteed 2 yards continuous at most, at times. Sometimes we do get each yard cut into one yard cuts. We sometimes get cheated!! We will order 4 yards, but receive a 1 and 1/2 yard cut, then another cut containing 2 and 1/2 yards and the printers consider this NOT FLAWED and 4 yards fulfilled. They are correct, they did send out 4 yards total. While it is not ideal and I have many times argued this, they will not fix it as it is NOT a flaw. Therefore we cannot at times help this. When we do get full continuous yardage of our full order qty we will always fulfill your orders continuously up to 5 yards, there is only so much we can fold continuously as well. NON CONTINUOUS IS NOT A FLAW.
Pre-washing fabric is highly recommended due to the chemicals used during the dyeing process. Please keep in mind that the fabric may still contain excess dye and some form of color catchers should be used when prepping fabric. We recommend a free & clear type of laundry detergent, a cold wash cycle, and a high heat drying cycle. Slight fading and shrinkage may also occur, this is not considered a flaw and is not covered in our flaw warranty. We offer washing recommendations, but given that we can not control your wash cycle; any bleeding, color transfer, fading, etc. is not covered by Ms. Fits Fabrics.
In the event of a re-run, Ms. Fits does not guarantee a 100% match to any fabric of the same design run in a previous round. Coloring and scale can vary between each printed round; this is not considered a flaw and is not covered by our flaw warranty.
Every order is given 15 business days to inspect their order and contact Ms. Fits Fabric with any issues you may have with your order (flaws, missing fabric, etc.) After 15 days, Ms. Fits Fabrics' fabric warranty is void and refunds/replacements will no longer be offer. Again, all issues must be addressed before altering the fabric in any way. Please contact via email;
Ms. Fits Fabrics only has control over your order up to it being routed into the postal service. Once the package leaves Ms. Fits HQ we are no longer responsible for damages, this includes lost packages. Once a package has been scanned showing movement; we are not responsible for the condition in which is arrives, if your package goes missing, or the amount of time it takes for it to arrive. We do not have any control over how the postal service conducts their business.

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