Some of my digital images will be offered once during the month. Not all images will be offered, but all are 100% for Personal use. These images that will be offered are for the sole purpose of personal use. The key words being PERSONAL USE, there should be no confusion on those key words. A group of people, students of any age, neighbors, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandmas, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, friends, family is no longer PERSONAL as in YOU use. Please don't take offense, it seems that because I didn't include the definition of PERSONAL USE in the past, it was ok to share the files that are meant for PERSONAL (that would be one single person) USE. Yes, you can print them out for your young child, that doesn't mean "younger" or "well my adult child is young compared to me". Do not share the files. Again, it is sad I have to be this descriptive, it should be pretty cut and dry. PERSONAL USE. Just for you that purchased the images. Just in case it's still not clear, PERSONAL doesn't include anyone other than yourself like neighbors, class mates, students, and best friend and their friends. YUP I am sounding like a broken record here, but it has been necessary already. 

No budge, no ifs, no buts. Not for re-printing for friends, neighbors, no one other than your littles really. NO COMMERCIAL USE. 

They will simply run once. They will not be offered again once retired, other than special events if any. Special events covers just about all Special events; fundraisers, anniversary specials, and the like. 

Terms Of Use: by purchasing and upon finalization of transaction you are agreeing to the terms set fourth: 

You may NOT use the images (colored or uncolored versions, or digital files) for commercial use. 

You may not conduct classes with our images where you supply the images. If you'd like to use as a coloring tutorial you may, however you cannot re-distribute (colored or uncolored versions, or digital files) under any circumstances.

You may not create seamless files, pdf files, svg files, embroidery files or the like with our images or digital files (seamless paper files and the like).

You may not share under any circumstances; including for craft fairs, craft days/get togethers, craft retreats, classes or the like.

You may not make fabrics from our images/digital files for personal or commercial use. No webbing, no seatbelt, no ribbons, basically you just can't use the images for any other use other than personal coloring pleasure or paper crafting for personal use. No sale items are to include my images. 

You may not share period, you are agreeing to these terms. Reprinting and giving the images in print form is sharing and again it is not allowed. Please don't bend my rules. 

You may not share period, you are agreeing to these terms. 

Just in case, one more time: You may not share period, you are agreeing to these terms. 

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