Hello everyone!

My name is Betty Roberts, I am the owner/artist of Ms. Fits Fabrics.

I absolutely LOVE Halloween (don't worry, my fabric designs will not only be Halloween), it is what got me into sewing! I had to have my own custom made costumes, and so I started to learn how to sew at about the age of 20ish.

I recently discovered the whole world of Custom Knit Fabrics and feel in LOVE! I have my own little crafting business, which deals in digital stamps for coloring and card making/scrapbooking. I draw my own stamps, in the past I was unsure if my art would be popular so when I first got my little stamping business started I hired some artists to get me off the ground.

This time around, I am starting this new Custom Knit Fabrics adventure ON MY OWN!! No more not trusting in my own art, I actually LOVE my art and can't wait to show you all of my fun ideas with my own original themes, as well as the more popular themes out there.

All of what you will be seeing is my take of popular characters as well as my own characters in my own art style. I have LOADS in my head and can't wait to get them out there.

PLEASE!! PLEASE!! Always feel free to contact me with any questions at msfitsfabrics13@aol.com! I will answer within 24 hours during business hours.

Thank you so much for checking out my shop! 


Betty Boo

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