Custom Print Design

This is for one custom print design the main print. 

It includes one main print, not a main and a coordinate or a main and a coordinate and a panel. 

If you'd like panels and coordinates made you can choose here: Extra Print Designs. This is only after the initial main print design has been purchased!

You must place an order for at least 5 yards as stated in the original Logo listing. You may choose any base, however Faux at the time is up to a 6 month turn around while we source the correct printer. The normal turn around time is 8-10 weeks during Chinese New Year it could take an additional 2 weeks, but I do not anticipate it taking that long.  

Each main, coordinate, panel counts as a yard; so you could have a main, a coordinate, and a panel designed and order a combination of any of those to make it 5 yards. There is no limit to how many you can order just a minimum due to the "exclusivity" and shipping brackets.

The initial price includes only one print design and your 5 yard minimum. You will have to email me on any base selections you'd like to split into those 5 yards.

If you'd like to order more yardage you can do so here: Extra Yardage

Shipping will be additional once the fabric has arrived, or if you are near our area you can pick up. 

Please remember that these prints are not for commercial use such as selling the fabric by the yard, you may sew goods for sale with the print of course, but not as by the yard or half yard or the like. 

Design List (I will take 6 at a time as usual) it is a 2 week turn around for the design, first come first serve in numerical order.

1. 2/9/21 FILLED: Anna 

2. 2/9/21 FILLED: Christy 

3. 2/9/21 FILLED: Christy number TWO Design

4. 2/10/21 FILLED: Kari 

5. 2/10/21 FILLED: Curt

6. 2/10/21 FILLED: Curt number TWO design 

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