With your purchase in for the year you will get a total of 12 yards. 2 Yards per Round. Yardage cannot be rolled over, the 2 yards must be chosen with each round offered at the time they are offered. For example; if we start in February and the theme is Stranger Things, you must choose 2 yards from that round leaving you with a balance of 10 more yards to go to be used 2 at a time during each round.
You will always be able to purchase extras from each round after your 2 you get with your membership.
There are a few restrictions and rules:
1. Again, you cannot roll over any yardage, you must choose your two yard minimum for every round. Of course you can purchase extras! Extras can be purchased only during the Round, never after it's closing or once the year is done.
2. You must absolutely chose your 2 yards during the Round, any orders after the round is closed you forfeit. No matter what the circumstances are. We are ALL busy, we all have lives, and we make sure to make you all aware of when the rounds open and close. It is your responsibility to remember these dates and make your claims within the time frames, both days and times given.
3. While it is a club where rounds will not be offered to the public, some Rounds can and will be offered during special occasions, fund raisers, and emergencies should one ever arise. However, there will always be a limited amount offered outside Club Membership.
4. I will absolutely always destash without giving anyone fist picks any samples, flawed prints, and overage. Please remember samples always arrive before the turn around times as it is less qtys ordered in samples.
5. FAUX VERY IMPORTANT. Faux has become extremely expensive to ship, therefore the new pre-order price for FAUX will be $35 per yard and it CANNOT be used as a base choice with your membership yardage. This means you cannot choose Faux for your 2 yards that come with your membership. Faux must be chosen as an extra and paid for at $35 per yard.
6. INVOICES for extra yardage. You will not get any extra yardage ordered (that is anything extra past your 2 yards that comes with your membership) should you not pay for your extras before the closing of the round. We will send an invoice, listing your yardage, the first two will have a zero amount due as they come with your membership per month, but the rest will have the price per yard. If you don't pay the invoice and it is canceled, the yardage ordered and counted as your membership yardage will be the first two yards listed first.
7. I allot a certain amount for each round. If that amount is not met with extras purchased, the extras will be offered as a pre-order. Again this will be limited and treated as a Flash Round. I must make those MOQs.
8. After the initial year of the Exclusive Club prints, I retain the right to offer them as Pre-Orders should I wish to do so to the public and past members.
9. VIPs, Discounts, and store credit are never eligible for exclusive club print yardage.
10. NO REFUNDS will be issued. I am giving you all important information upfront. I am stating facts, and being clear on everything so that there are no misconceptions or confusion.
11. All rules and regulations subject to change under extreme circumstances or unforeseen situations.
12. I may at any time use the artwork for revamps and re-dos for future rounds. While we will have an exclusive that is for the club, I may take any drawing(s) from any round or all and revamp and re-do for normal open rounds.
The Line Up:
Stranger Things 
Rainbow Brite
Creepmas Mickey 
Addams Family (new never before offered prints, new drawings)
A round will be released only to members every other month Starting in 2023, the first one is projected for February. Then every other month after that.
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