Poison Ivy Mystery Box SMALL

Opens 1/1/21 @ 1 PM PST

Closes 1/10/21 @ 1 PM PST or when caps met.

Pre-Order as usual, 18-20 weeks Turn around time, with a possible additional delay due to continued limited flights, and now Chinese New Year until mid February. Should things change you will of course see these come in sooner YAY!!

NO REFUNDS. Please don't make mistakes, we wont' be issuing refunds. 

VIPS, STORE CREDIT, WINS FROM ANY EVENTS cannot be used for mystery boxes. 

No sizing available. 

MYSTERY means just that, you will get a mystery of prints; main and coords (according to qtys dependent of box size you purchase). Could include but not guaranteed; bag, tote, adult, child, or panty panels. Each box will include the following: 

Small: 2 yards worth of fabrics. 


Each box has their own print, then the next box will contain the print from the previous box and a new one...for example; a small can have print A usually main and coordinate, then medium will contain Print A and now B prints (main and coordinates as well for both), then Large will contain Print A, B, and now C (main and coordinates as well for all three). However, nothing is guaranteed, you could get three mains, two coordinates and a panel for Large Boxes. Large Boxes will be the only boxes with possible bag panels included, but not guaranteed. You are guaranteed 6 yards in your box. 

Should you choose to purchase an "ADD ON" that will guarantee what you add on to your box. it is not to replace, it is something that must be purchased as an "ADD ON". 

Qtys limited, no re-runs, destash always possible, but not guaranteed. 

SHIPPING: as usual will NOT be included in your initial purchase, it will be invoiced separately as usual once it comes in and is ready to go. Please do not email asking if your shipment has gone out if you have not yet paid a shipping invoice. Please double check your cart upon check out, you will see that shipping is not applied yet. 

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock


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