Custom Logo Commission Design

Original artwork to your needs and specifications! 

I will not draw duplicates of copy right Characters!! 

This is for all commissioned work; logos, tattoo design, personal use, and any custom drawings for any use. Commercial use of my commissioned art is not available at this time. 

Here is the process:

1. Sketch your design with details you give me. Details are very important; short hair, long hair, curvy, average, or thin body mentioned it must be very specific and detailed. I cannot go off of "Make me quiet demure person" there is very little anyone can do to depict that in a drawing. Make it specific to your logo needs! If you are a book dealer...I say, a woman with loads of books, money in her pockets, holding books up as if at the flea market striking deals...see little details!

2. You will get a sketch for approval and will be allowed one change; maybe hair length, different skirt, different facial expression. You will not get a completely new design/drawing as the first one was drawn out to your specific  details. 

3. Once you approve your logo/custom drawing/tatto design/personal use art work the "inking" process begins. What is the inking process? It is when I take that drawing and make it digital so that I can color it and start designing your logo. 

4. Only ONE image per design, additional characters; kids, sisters, pets, background and etc. will all have an up-charge. It is $10 per additional person or pet, $15 for each additional background or objects; desks, sewing machines (past the initial object of your character, if your character is to be holding a machine, that is fine, however if you need your character sitting then a machine and desk and dress form added, those are now additional objects). You will be billed accordingly after your initial purchase and we talk about your addition needs. 

5. For Logos: Word Art will be included; your logo name, your jingle or catch phrase. You will only get one version of it, to have it Zombiefied, or a zombie initially then normal version it is treated as an additional character and has an additional $25 for the character and for the coloring of the second version. 

6. Once your logo/custom art work/commission/tattoo design/personal use artwork is finished you will receive a png file and a jpg file. What is the difference of a png and a jpg file? A COLORED (you will not get uncolored digital files only completed colored logo) PNG file has no background to it, it is the image alone and can be merged on to other images to make a collage or combine, a jpg file has a white "boxed" background making it difficult to merge with word art, or additional images. 

7. This does not include any other designs made with your logo. If you need a custom fabric print it is an additional $125 charge for the design work Per design; a main, a coordinate, a panel. A logo design vs. design work is much more time consuming and not included in the "labor" of your commission. You will NOT get the files to print on your own. You must source the fabric through me and it is not for you to resell the fabric. Each fabric yard is a special order and at $28 per yard. You will be the only one to be able to purchase this fabric, however, as mentioned it will have to be sourced through me, and a minimum of 5 yards will be necessary each time.  I am sorry I do not send out my design files to anyone but the printers, this is firm, please do not ask. You may not "destash" the fabric, this is the same as selling it, in a round about way. No matter the size of the fabric; yards, cup cuts, scrap pieces, scrap packs. If you are unable to adhere by this rule, please don't commission fabric prints. I am sorry to be a stickler about it, it is my artwork and many times it can be stolen or it's use abused. I am not willing to bend on this rule. It is for your and my protection. 



1. You may not make fabric out of your logo/custom art work/commission/tattoo design/personal use artwork. I do offer custom fabric for your needs or your own company items you sell, however that is a custom license and it requires additional fees, please send email for information on costs and further rules/regulations regarding a custom license. 

2. You may not sell my artwork, while you have paid me to create your logo/custom art work/commission/tattoo design/personal use artwork , the artwork remains my intellectual property. I will not resell it, I will not make fabric out of it, and I will not reuse it, but it remains my property.

3. You may not alter my artwork or hand it to other artists to alter.

4. You MAY use your logo only (not custom art work/commission/tattoo design/personal use artwork) , for business cards and the like for sole purposes of promoting your business. Banners for your online shop, you may use it as your avatar, again for personal use only. You are purchasing a completed logo, not a commercial license to use the artwork for profitable purposes. You may not make fabric out of your logo. That would require a commercial license and additional charges (yep I have to say it again). The files would stay with me, and you'd have to source the fabric through me only, I do not give away the  files. You will NOT get the original artwork; sketch or original colored image.


6. You may not sell the artwork for any reason. 



1. Theresa Jenke June 30th

2. Mindy Benson Estimated time of completion August 31st

3. Mindy Benson Estimated time of completion August 31st

4. Sam estimated time of completion September 30th


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