Exclusives Club Membership
These are prints that ONLY those in the club will be able to purchase! They are all exclusives! 
Let's go over what you get with your purchase and all the details...
2 yards per Exclusive Round (already paid for in your membership price)! There will be 6 rounds total, which come to 12 yards per the 2021 year. Yes as usual, you will be able to purchase extras past your two membership yards at $25 per yard pre-order price, this price is due to their exclusivity.   
For the year, you are basically paying in advance for 12 yards per year. This means you get 2 yards per round, you may not roll over any yardage, you must place your two yard minimum per round. There is no max on extras per round that you may order, however it must be done during the round, they will only be offered once, with the exception of a special retail at the end of the year for ALL exclusive prints. 
Layaway is not available or this Membership. Using the current Layaway code your order will be voided, refunded, and you could lose out on grabbing a membership as you would need to re-place the order. 
Please understand the following; should you fail to place your order for your basic two yards that are included in your membership, you will forfeit your two yards for that round. You cannot then double up on the next round, that round is simply forfeit. I am sorry, I cannot chase anyone. I have a lot to do as well as make sure that those that have placed their orders are input and orders go smoothly. 
Last year these were not offered to the public with the exception of special occasions, fundraisers should they be needed, and special offers/events. This year I have offered a very limited amount of Mystery Boxes, that counts as a special offer/event. This year 2021, should I feel the need to run a pre-order for any one of the exclusives again as a special event with limited qtys, I will. It is not certain I will, but I do want to have that option. This could be dependent on how many extras sell, if I don't sell any extras, I feel that to offset my work I may try to recover by offering a flash sale on any print. What I mean to do, is basically recover any losses really and I hope you can all understand that. I would not offer said pre-orders/flash pre-orders until after you have all received your pre-orders from the rounds first. However, many times I will destash my own samples. I tend to over order. If I decide to destash my own samples, I will give our club members first dibs, before I put them on the BST page. 
Now, please understand, that in any unforeseen circumstances can occur and I may be force to offer them for any given reason to the public, I would like to stat that this is an option I have the right to. It is not likely, but say I needed to cover a serious medical bill, a death in the family, or any serious circumstances, I will be doing so. 
Please understand that I also have the right to change any rules due to unforeseen circumstances not listed. We never know what our lives will throw at us and I have the divine gift of being able to provide for my family or situations with such commodities that I offer. Now, let me stop rambling and let you grab your memberships should you fancy ;) 
The rounds will run every other month starting February. There is no set date in each month, but it will be up for a week during the month it runs. It starts February 2021 and ends December 2021. 
Here is the line up  for 2021:
February 2021: Strawberry Shortcake, normal and Zombie version
April 2021: Star Wars Two mainly focusing on Ewoks as per my son's request
June 2021:Mickey and Minnie's Halloween Posters this will be my own version of our Horror posters, with the Disney Gang
August2021: A Beetle Christmas! Our favorite Beetlejuice Characters spreading Christmas Cheer! 
October 2021: Nightmare Mansion My own twist on the Haunted Mansion with our favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters
December 2021: Steampunk Villains
The photo you see is only February's Round. You will not see more until we open the new 2021 Group. 
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